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Montreal Impact Odds

top montreal impact oddsMontreal Impact betting is rather popular with both Canadian and United States Major League Soccer fans. Since joining the league in 2012, the team has not been successful in lifting the MLS Cup, but has seen victory in the Canadian Championship multiple times. Although their 2018 campaign proved to be largely unsuccessful, their 2019 season seems to be going a bit better, meaning there may be some opportunity to make money. This is especially true if you’re looking for a good future on the Canadian Championship.

Avid MLS bettors love wagering on Montreal Impact games. If you would like to learn more about betting on Montreal Impact, make sure to keep reading. Below we provide some hot advice for betting on one of Canada’s best soccer teams. This includes an overview of their overall and recent performance history as well as their odds to win the MLS Cup. So, read on and find out which bets you should be making on Montreal Impact at US online gambling sites.

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Do you think Montreal Impact has got a hot enough roster to to challenge for the MLS Cup this year? Well, then have a look at the lines and odds on offer at the sports betting sites listed down below. You definitely won’t be disappointed.

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Montreal Impact Odds to Win MLS Cup

Montreal Impact does certainly have a chance of making it to the playoffs this season; whether or not they will win the MLS Cup is a different story. The team has been rather inconsistent in terms of form. They have picked up some big losses against some of the league’s best teams this year, including Los Angeles FC and Philadelphia Union, so we wouldn’t really even bet on them to make it to the Eastern Conference final.

That said, the team still has a lot to offer in terms of sports betting. We’d recommend that avid MLS gamblers have a good look at the totals, spreads and prop bets available for Montreal Impact. Bettors are sure to find a good opportunity to make money on the team that doesn’t involve betting directly on a win at one of our selected soccer betting sites up above.

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Montreal Impact History

After a long and arduous process to get another Canadian team to join the MLS, Montreal Impact completed a successful bid in 2010, and played their first season in 2012. They were the nineteenth team to be added to the league.

Their first season proved to be rather average in terms of on-the-field performance, but one wouldn’t think so when looking at the spectatorship records the team broke that year. Impact’s match-up against Los Angeles Galaxy actually set the record for the most-attended soccer match in Canada at 60 860.

Despite picking up two Canadian Championships in 2013 and 2014, the team hasn’t seen all that much success in their pursuit to lift the MLS Cup. The closest the team has come to doing so is making it to the Eastern Conference finals in 2016. They also made it to the CONCACAF Champions League Final in 2014, but lost out to Mexico’s Club America. Since then though, the team hasn’t performed as well as fans may have liked.

Recent Performance History

Montreal Impact’s 2018 season proved to be rather underwhelming. The team finished seventh in the Eastern Conference and failed to make it to the playoffs. They seem to be going down a rather similar route in 2019, but there is still a chance that they could make it to the post-season. They’d just need to ensure that they stop losing games as frequently as they are now.


Interesting Montreal Impact Facts

Think you know everything there is to know about Quebec’s favorite soccer team? Well, test your MLS betting knowledge with the facts below:

  • The team joined the league in 2010, but only played their first game in 2012.
  • Their main supporter’s group is called Ultras Montréal or UM02. They follow teams around for away games.
  • Montreal Impact does have a mascot. It is called Tac-Tik the Dog.
  • Their main rival is Toronto FC. Thus far, Toronto leads the way in derby wins, but only slightly.
  • The North Star is a bell located at Impact’s stadium. It is rung every time there is a goal or victory celebration.
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