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Which Online Scratch Off Wins the Most?

Recently updated on April 11th, 2023

Understanding the concept of variance can help you choose online scratch offs that win the most. When it comes to online scratch-off lottery tickets, different types of games offer varying odds of winning and payout structures.

Variance refers to the level of risk or volatility of a game. Low-variance games pay out smaller prizes more frequently, while high-variance games pay out larger prizes less often.

Online Scratch offs that win the most might thus mean a game offering frequent small wins or a game with fewer winning chances but offering a big win. Understanding variance helps make informed decisions and customize gameplay based on risk and potential rewards.

Low Variance Vs High Variance Scratch Offs Games

Low Variance Scratch Off Games High Variance Scratch Off Games
Have Better Odds of Winning Odds of Winning are Usually Lower
Have Small Jackpots Have Large Jackpots
Offer Small Amounts of Winnings Offer the Potential for Life-Changing Sums of Money
Pay Out More Regularly May Not Pay Out as Frequently

5 Best Online Scratch Offs Games

One of the main reasons why online scratch cards are often preferred over tangible scratch cards is that the latter has a high RTP. This means you are more likely to win playing online scratch cards than when playing tangible ones. Here are some of the online scratch off games with high RTPs:

1.      Lucky Numbers

Lucky Numbers Online Scratch Off Wins the MostLucky Numbers offers the highest RTP of 96.57% and two chances to win for each card played. In addition, the game’s multiplier symbols can increase winnings immensely. Lucky Numbers is designed with a solid lucky theme, evident even in the correct orientation of horseshoe scratch panels to keep the luck intact.

With its high RTP, Lucky Numbers is one of the online scratch offs that wins the most. Playing this scratch off also offers a low-risk opportunity to capitalize on the game’s lucky theme and its industry-leading RTP.

2.      Whack a Jackpot

whack a jackpot Online Scratch Off Wins the Most

Whack a Jackpot, an online scratch card game from Microgaming is another online scratch offs offering the potential to win the most. It is reminiscent of the famous carnival game ‘Whack a Mole’.

This creative spin on a standard scratch card game offers accessibility to all players with its lower minimum bet.

With its 96.30% RTP, whack a Jackpot provides excellent value. Players need to whack the rats as they appear on the screen, revealing multiplier values. Matching three multipliers with the same value results in a win. However, be careful; three misses will end the game with no win. Sharpen your hitting skills and reaction times to aim for the jackpot!

3.      Wish Upon a Jackpot

wish-upon-a-jackpot-wish-upon-a-jackpot Online Scratch Cards Wins the Most


Wish Upon a Jackpot is another high RTP scratch off game, with an RTP of 96.06%. If you’re a fan of fairytales looking for an online scratch off that wins the most, then Wish Upon a Jackpot may be your perfect fit. Enter a world reminiscent of Shrek, with beloved characters like Puss in Boots, a Fairy Godmother, and a talking gingerbread man.

To play, scratch through the magic orbs (scratch panels) and look for three matching icons. If you find them, you win! But that’s not all – Wish Upon a Jackpot also offers two bonus games, allowing you to experience the magic for even longer and increase your chances of winning big.

With its high RTP and exciting bonus games, Wish Upon a Jackpot ranks among the best scratch card games on the market.

4.      Sea Treasures

Sea-Treasures-Scratchcard Online Scratch cards Wins the Most

Sea Treasures boasts an impressive RTP of 95%, putting it on par with many other popular casino games.

Set in the ocean’s depths, Sea Treasures features captivating imagery of fish, bubbles, and a dynamic background teeming with marine life. This creates an immersive gameplay experience.

One of the standout features of Sea Treasures is its free games feature, where matching three oyster symbols unlocks 10 free games. After completing the free games, players are treated to a thrilling wheel spin. This determines the multiplier for their free game winnings, adding an extra layer of excitement.

Sea Treasures is also lauded for its user-friendly interface. The game’s interface is designed to be intuitive and easy to navigate.

5.      Rise of the Titans

Rise_of_The_Titans_Logo Online Scratch cards Wins the Most

As the name suggests, this game is based on the ancient Greek myths of the Titans.

Rise of the Titans also offers frequent wins, making it an engaging medium volatility game with a favourable RTP of 95%. On top of that, players can unlock free games, where winnings can be multiplied up to 10x.

Consider buying cards in bulk to make the most of your experience with Rise of the Titans. With the free game feature, you can purchase up to 1,000 cards at once for maximum fun and potential winnings. So, join the battle of the Titans and embark on a thrilling scratch card adventure.

Online Scratch Offs Winning the Most – Our Final Thoughts

It’s important to note that the odds of winning and the payout structures for scratch-off games differ. So, carefully read and understand each game’s rules, odds, and payout structures before playing.

Before investing significant money in scratch-off games, testing out some free online scratch cards is also a good idea. You can even play with a small budget to know how often you can expect wins. This can help you pick online scratch offs that win the most and make informed decisions about your playing strategy.

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