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Alabama Senate Proposes Revised Gambling Bill, Prioritizing Lottery and Tribal Compact

In a surprising twist of events, the Alabama Senate has put forth a revised gambling bill.  The Senate bill ditched most aspects of the House proposal, focusing solely on a state lottery and a new compact with the Poarch Band of Creek Indians. This development marks a significant departure from the earlier House bill, which aimed to introduce casino gambling and sports betting to the state.

Alabama Senate Proposes Revised Gambling Bill, Prioritizing Lottery and Tribal Compact

Key Changes in the Alabama Senate’s Revised Gambling Bill

  • No casinos or sports betting: Unlike the House bill, the Senate version nixes commercial casinos and sports betting entirely.
  • Lottery time: The Senate embraces the lottery concept, proposing a state-run lottery overseen by a newly formed Alabama Gambling Commission.
  • Tribal compact focus: The bill emphasizes a new compact with the Poarch Creek Indians, but the Governor cannot authorize gaming outside tribal lands.
  • Taxes and regulations: The Alabama Senate proposes a 24-32% tax on gambling operators and mandates a law enforcement division within the Commission to regulate activities.
  • Bingo changes: Local bingo amendments are repealed, and future local attempts to amend the state constitution regarding gambling are prohibited.

So, What’s Next?

  1. This is just a draft, and further changes are possible before a Senate vote.
  2. If approved, residents may vote on the Senate plan in a special election this September.
  3. The House bill, which includes casinos and sports betting, will still be on the November ballot.

Intrigue Builds as Alabama Gambling Bill Heads to Senate

The unexpected shift by the Alabama Senate toward a more focused approach on the lottery and tribal compact raises questions. Specifically, it calls into question the viability of commercial casinos in the state.

As the bill undergoes further review and potential amendments in an upcoming Senate meeting, the local voting landscape for late 2024 promises to be intriguing. The evolving narrative around gambling expansion in Alabama keeps stakeholders and residents alike on the edge of their seats, eager to witness the unfolding developments.

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