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Do Quick Picks Ever Win the Lottery?

Many lottery players wonder if quick picks are better than selecting lottery numbers manually. Some players believe that their own numbers hold a special power or are extremely lucky because they are birth dates, a special day, or a holiday. Others choose to play the lottery using strategies, such a hot and cold numbers or averages.

But could quick picks be better than either of these two methods for selecting winning lottery numbers?

Read on awe explore whether lottery players should consider playing the lottery using quick picks.

lottery quick picks

Quick Pick vs. Lucky Numbers

One of the biggest arguments in the lottery business is whether quick picks produce the most winners. There have been tallies done to see how most winners picked their numbers.

One previous tally showed that a greater number of winners selected their numbers using quick pick options. Two reasons some players like quick picks:

  1. You don’t have to spend the time picking your numbers yourself.
  2. Quick pick numbers are selected by a random number generator. The same way the numbers for the actual draw are selected.

The lottery is one of the hardest casino games to win because it is completely random. The random number generator ensures that very number selection is arbitrary. There is no method for choosing a winning number. Also, using a strategy does not guarantee that you will win.


Reasons to go with Quick Picks

When you play using lucky numbers, there is a chance you will keep playing the same numbers over and over. As such, you could easily overlook commonly played numbers.

Looking at the Florida Lottery, in 2009, there were a dozen winning tickets. Ten of those tickets were quick picks. The Florida Lottery also had two Mega Millions winners that same year, and both tickets were also quick picks.

Why You Shouldn’t Play Using Quick Picks?

While the above information is enough to make anyone want to drop their lucky numbers, there are some reasons why using quick picks is not ideal.

Firstly, you will have no control over the numbers you get. This also means there is a chance you will buy two tickets with the exact same numbers or really similar number combinations.

Secondly, the quick pick option is more likely to generate the same set of numbers for another player. So, if you win, you may have to share your jackpot.

Lastly, this method of picking lottery numbers doesn’t involve. An RNG algorithm used for quick picks will not look at the most picked numbers, hot or cold numbers, or rarely picked numbers.


Essentially, when playing the lottery, you have to choose your numbers based on what makes sense to you. There is a 50/50 chance that your lucky numbers will win, the same way there is a fair chance your quick pick numbers may win.

Regardless of how to play, you still need to play responsibly. Various real money casinos offer lottery games. Or you can play state-owned lottery games online. Make sure that you have set a budget and you stick to it.

There is no way of guaranteeing you get the winning ticket. And the last thing you want to do is spend your rent and grocery money on a losing ticket!

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