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How Do I Get Around Playthrough Requirements?

Playthrough requirements, also known as wagering requirement, often goes along with free bonuses, and many of us tend to overlook them until we want to withdraw our winnings.

Imagine seeing an astonishingly large ‘free bonus’ offered by an online casino, and you immediately click on it. You find that the large bonus is indeed up for grabs but there are terms involved. You skip reading the terms because who does? The free bonus helps you win, your account looks good, and you want to withdraw but ‘playthrough requirements’ won’t let you take your winnings- sucks right?

Many people get carried away when they see free bonuses that they skip reading the terms. But get surprised when they are not able to withdraw their winnings ‘because they do not meet the playthrough requirements.’

‘What are playthrough requirements?’ They wonder, and then they find out, and the fun gets ruined.

Seriously, playthrough requirements are not really fun sometimes. In fact, they take the excitement of winning away from many who had no idea how they work. We are going to help you understand playthrough requirements and how free casino bonuses work.


How to Beat Playthrough Requirements

What Are Playthrough Requirements?

Playthrough requirements are the amount you need to bet to qualify to withdraw all the money that is in your casino account.

Casinos use this mechanism to ensure that players don’t use free bonuses against the casino houses. For example, if there are no playthrough requirements someone could claim the free bonus and then withdraw without playthrough.

To prevent this and other potential breaches, casinos have put terms in place to ensure that they are not unfairly disadvantaged.

Free bonuses are promotional tactics that casinos use to attract players to play in their casinos, it will become ineffective if people merely sign up to claim free bonuses and then leave. That’s why you are subjected to the boring terms that we will look into below.

How Playthrough Requirements Work

Almost all casino bonuses have playthrough requirements, you thus have to bear in mind that once you claim free casino bonuses, you’d be subjected to playthrough requirements.

Casinos might declare, for example, that their free bonus or free spins have a playthrough requirement of 50X. This means that you’d have to bet that bonus amount 50 times over to meet the minimum playthrough requirement.

Even some free spins also do come with strings attached, for example, the casino might require that you deposit a certain amount before you start claiming winnings from free spins.

Welcome Bonuses Playthrough Requirements

Welcome bonuses attract a lot of people to sign up to casinos, not only do they boost your bankroll, but they also improve your chances of winning.

PlaythroughGenerous bonuses come with a higher stake, for example, a casino might have the following playthrough requirements:

  • Up to $5000 free sign-up bonus
  • 1st Deposit 100% match bonus + 100 free spins with 30X playthrough requirement.
  • 2nd Deposit 100% match bonus + 100 free spins with 30X playthrough requirement.
  • 3rd Deposit 300% match bonus + 100 free spins with 30X playthrough requirement.

Let’s break the above welcome bonus down:

  1. You get a maximum of $5000 depending on your deposit amounts.
  2. You get to accumulate the bonus over three consecutive deposits.
  3. Your first deposit will earn you a 100% match, so for example, if you deposit $500 you will get another $500 in free bonuses and 100 free spins.
  4. You however have to playthrough that $500 30 times to be able to withdraw all your funds.

The casino will also indicate which casino game you have to place your playthrough on.

Although playthrough requirements might be unpleasant when you first encounter them, many online casino players have gotten a grip on them. Some have even found ways to use them to their benefit.

It is ultimately important that you go through the casino terms before you claim free bonuses. This way you can avoid surprises once you wish to withdraw your winnings.

Once you fully understand them, you will find that some casino has playthrough requirements much better than others.

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