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Why Do Casino Withdrawals Take So Long?

Casino withdrawals are one of the most exciting things in gambling because you get to enjoy your winnings. However, there are times when your casino withdrawal request might delay for several reasons.

There are many reasons why a USA casino site might delay your payout request. Below we discuss some of these reasons and what you can do to ensure your casino withdrawal request isn’t delayed.

Casino Withdrawal Delays

Top Reasons for Casino Withdrawal Delays

As we have mentioned, there are several reasons why a casino might decide to delay your payout request. Here is a list of the top reasons why your withdrawal might be delayed:

1.      The casino has detected an underage player

in the United States, it is illegal to gamble if you are under the age of 18. So, the casino must ensure that underage people are prevented from gambling online. They will investigate if the casino you’ve chosen has reason to believe that you lied about your age.

If you have been telling the truth, the investigation will be concluded, and you will receive your money. So this is one of the reasons why your casino withdrawal request might be delayed.

2.      The casino site has detected more than one account

Many gambling sites in the United States do not like it when players create more than one account. That is why your winnings could be delayed when you make a payout request. One of the main reasons why casinos do not appreciate players creating more than one account is the abuse of welcome bonuses.

Once you’ve requested a withdrawal and the casino finds that you have multiple accounts, you’ll be asked why. Then the casino will ask you to shut down all the different accounts before you can withdraw your winnings.

3.      You have not verified your Identity

Failing to verify your identity is another reason the casino might delay your withdrawal request. If it is your first time withdrawing from the casino, you must provide your KYC documentation. So the casino can verify your identity.

Your request will be delayed if you have yet to do so before you make a casino withdrawal. So until you send in the required documentation, the casino is obligated to withhold your winnings.

4.      Using conflicting payment methods

Many casinos prefer that you use the same payment method you used when you deposited funds into your account. However, this is only true for some online casinos because you can make deposits using your credit card and withdraw using a cryptocurrency. So, make sure you know your preferred casino’s withdrawal policy before you make a deposit.

5.      Making Mistakes with Payment Details

Another reason your casino withdrawals are delayed is that you might have provided incorrect information when filling in your payment details. So, whenever you make a payment request, make sure that you double-check the information. Then confirm that it is correct. If you have made a mistake, contact customer support immediately to rectify it and get your winnings quickly.

6.      Your casino account is flagged for abuse

If you have been using your account in a way that contravenes the casino’s policy, then the casino will flag your account. Some main reasons casinos flag accounts are a violation of bonuses or abuse loopholes. If your account is flagged for one of these reasons, your account will be investigated before the casino approves your request.

The casino will check if you have cheated in any way. If they find that you have, your account will be shut down. And your funds will be confiscated.

Tips to Avoid Casino Withdrawal Delays

There are things that you can do to ensure that you avoid delays when you make casino withdrawals. Here are our top tips on getting your to pay out quickly:

  1. Ensure you’ve provided the casino with the correct information so your request can be processed quickly.
  2. Provide your KYC documentation as soon as you deposit it into your account. This will ensure that the casino doesn’t ask you for these documents when you make a withdrawal request.
  3. Read the bonus terms and conditions to ensure you are not violating any of the casino’s policies.
  4. Choose payment methods that allow for instant payments.
  5. Only create one account at your chosen casino.

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