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Are Three-Reel Slots Better?

Yes, three-reel slots are better, depending on what you are looking for. For example, three-reel slots are easier to play than five real slots. If you play online slot games that have three-reels, you don’t get to be confused about the game mechanics.

Like wild symbols, free spins, multipliers, and bonus rounds, three-reel slots are simple because you get to match three symbols that are the same. And in these games usually have one pay line that comes in a straight horizontal line.

So, since 3-reel slots have one pay line, it’s easy to understand how you get to win. The game doesn’t have complicated multiple pay lines that provide wins, and you can calculate your winnings easily.

In most cases, 3-reel and 5-reel slots allow you to bet more than one coin for each line. So, that means if you bet 2 coins on a single line, one of them gets a hit.  That means you’ll get twice the payout you expected.

Three-reel Online Slots

Three-Reel Slots Volatility

As you may know, volatility refers to how much risk you take when you play a slot game. Generally, volatility is expressed as either low, medium or high. Many factors affect how volatile a slot machine can be.

For example, the number of symbols featured in a slot game is one of the factors.  And the number of reels is also another factor. So, the more symbols there are in a slot game, the higher the risk.

Three-reel slots are less volatile because there are only three reels that you can work with and one pay line. Plus, the symbols that you play with are fewer than five-reel slots. In most cases, three reel slots don’t have more than 10 symbols.  And the winning combination is a lot simpler than 5-reel slots.

So, if a slot game has high volatility, the payout is larger.  However, you will also notice that the wins are also infrequent. Five-reel slots have high volatility because landing a winning payline is more difficult than landing in three-reel slots.

Three-Reel Slots Win Frequency

The win frequency in 3-reel slots is much higher, but you get to win a lower amount. This is because three-reel slots often have one pay line. And in some cases, 3-reel slots sometimes accept half symbols.

On the other hand,  five-reel slots have difficulty landing a winning combination. But if you do win, your payout will be higher.

Final Word On Three-Reel Slots

If you’re a beginner player, three-reel slots are better for you because they are much easier to understand and win. Plus, landing a winning combination happens more frequently than in five-reel slots.

However, once you become an expert online slot player, we recommend you move on to 5-reel slots. That’s because they have more of a challenge, more playing symbols, and a higher payout. The best part about 3-reel slots is that they are simple and provide nostalgia for old-school players.

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