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Can You Bet on Video Games?

Yes, you can bet on video games at some of the best gambling sites on the internet. So, video gamers on the internet will be able to bet on themselves. They can do this by finding the Unikrn platform to create odds on some esports contests that are available at the time.

So, video game gamblers can bet on events such as League of Legends World Championships. Video Games betting is similar to traditional sports gambling. However, eSports gambling allows bettors the opportunity on skills-based betting lines.

Basically, it means that players can bet on how well they play the game. For example, you can bet on your skills in Fortnite and League of Legends.

Video games betting is getting a lot of attention, given the situation that the entire world is currently facing. Many are even questioning whether video games betting will be able to fill the void that traditional sports events have left behind.

Can You Bet on Video Games

DraftKings Capitalises on Video Games Betting

In the previous weeks, we have seen sportsbooks such as Draftkings offering betting lines on games such as darts, Kontinental Hockey league, German soccer as well as NZ cricket.

We are all aware that sports gambling at the moment is not doing well because there are no events to bet on. However, it seems like video games betting is picking up the slack.

Jason Ader, the CEO of SpringOwl Asset Management, told the media that they were hoping that eSports gambling would have its moment while traditional sports wagering has taken a break. Interestingly, Ader believes that if eSports doesn’t do well during this time, then, it might never do well.

FanDuel also Offering Video Games Betting

FanDuel as also got on the bandwagon of offering wagering on video games. A spokesperson for the sportsbook told the media that the company is committed to offering gamblers new ways to win while at home.

The sportsbook is also offering games that are meant to entertain gamblers during this time. To this end, FanDuel offered bettors the opportunity to wager on politics. For example, the recent bets were on the Democratic candidates for the recent debate.

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