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How Do You Always Get 6 On a Dice?

Dice games rely heavily on luck. We’ve all experienced the frustration of trying to roll a 6 but getting low outcomes like 2’s and 3’s instead. And, in an effort to get better at the game, you might have wondered if there are ways to ensure you always roll a 6 or at least a number close to that.

Well, we look at the various techniques that players have come up with to ensure they always get the desired number. These methods may not always be ethical, but we guess desperate times call for desperate measures.

Roll a 6 With A Loaded Dice

A loaded dice refers to one where material has been added or removed from the dice itself. A regular dice consists of 6 different faces each with a different number of holes from 1 to 6. You can load the dice by drilling out certain holes and inserting a heavier material to ensure that the dice always lands with that side down. So, if you want to land a 6, you would load the holes on the opposite face of the dice which should be a 1. When 1 lands face down, the 6 should be the one facing up.

How to Roll a 6

How to Roll A 6 With a Microwaved Dice

The extent to which some players will go to roll the number they want is truly shocking. For this method, you need regular dice and your home microwave. You must place the dice in the microwave for about 5 seconds with your desired number facing up. In this case, the number 6 face will be on top. The bottom half of the dice will be slightly melted making it heavier. Your desired number will then be on the lighter side of the dice making it more likely for the dice to roll with that side face up.

Control How You Throw the Dice

For this particular method, you don’t have to tamper with the dice in any way. It has to do with how you hold the dice in order to control the outcome. This method takes a lot of practice and caution so that other players don’t notice what you are doing.

To roll the number 6 or 1, you must place your index finger and thumb on the left and right sides of the dice with the numbers 6 and 1 positioned at the top and bottom of the dice. The aim is to throw slowly and hope the dice rolls straight.

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