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check gambling sitesAlthough checks are largely falling out of fashion as a method of payment, some online vendors do still begrudgingly accept them. While there is a certain degree of safety associated with using checks, there are so many downsides that make it an unpopular payment method, especially online. You really need to keep in mind the fact that if you pay with a check, it is going to take at least a couple of days for your transaction to be processed and for you to get your goods.

Despite this large and obvious drawback, there are still many online gambling sites that accept checks as a banking method. In fact, there are many casinos out there that only allow withdrawals via check.

If you would like to find out more about using checks at online sportsbooks and casinos, read on. Below we go through how to make deposits and withdrawals using checks as well as the advantages and disadvantages associated with using them. We also list a whole load of casinos and sportsbooks that accept or use checks as a payment method. So, what are you waiting for?

Online Casinos that Accept Check

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What is a Check?

A check (also known as cheque) is a document, usually a small card, that issues a payment order from one person to another person. The person who receives the check (the payee) cashes at a bank and the bank pays them the amount specified out of the drawer’s (the person who issued the check) account.

Checks have been available since the 9th century but saw an exponential growth in popularity during the 20th century. This form of money transfer saw its peak usage during the 1990s, and since then has become increasingly unpopular due to the security risks involved as well as the fact that somebody could write you a bad check.

Although most businesses have moved towards making use of newer banking methods, such as credit cards, e-wallets and cryptocurrencies, some still accept checks. In fact, a lot of online casinos and sports betting sites rely on checks to pay out gamblers. While we wouldn’t say that this is the best way in which to get paid, it is something you may have to get used to if you play online.
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How to Make a Deposit Using Check at Betting Sites

Making a deposit using a check at a gambling is pretty much the same as using the banking method to make a payment anywhere else. If you’re still unsure though, our steps below will help you with the process:

  1. Select a casino or betting site that accepts check. (Make sure that it is safe to use.)
  2. Contact the site’s customer support and alert them that you would like to make a payment to the site using a check. The agent should inform you of all the relevant information that you need to put on the check. (Sometimes, this information is available on site and you won’t have to contact support.)
  3. When the gambling site receives the check, it will be processed and the funds debited from your account. This may take a few days.
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How to Cashout at Check Casinos

While we wouldn’t recommend using a check as your withdrawal method, if there is no other option, here is a rundown of the process:

  1. Head to the gambling site’s cashier section and select the withdrawal or cashout option.
  2. You will then be asked to enter how much you would like to withdraw as well as the other information to be entered on the check.
  3. You will then be asked if you would like to have the check posted normally or couriered. While the courier option is more expensive, it takes less time to get to you. Also keep in mind that you are going to pay for the check to be sent to you regardless of whether you choose the normal post or courier option.
  4. Get your check and cash it so that you can get your money!
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Advantages of Using Checks at Gambling Sites

Here are some of the reasons you should pick check as your preferred deposit method at gambling sites:

  • It doesn’t cost all that much to send a check. This means minimal banking fees when making a deposit at a casino or sports betting site.
  • Unlike debit and credit cards, checks have no limits. This means that you can make bigger deposits using a check if you want.
  • You’re less likely to overspend when making use of checks as your primary banking method. As transactions aren’t instantaneous, you’re less likely to be tempted into making a deposit to recoup losses. Some gamblers who prefer using credit cards and e-wallets become prey to this cycle.
  • Checks can be a bit safer to use than a bank card. The reason being that if a check gets intercepted, none of the issuers’ banking information can get stolen.
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Disadvantages of Using Checks at Sportsbooks

Unfortunately, there are some disadvantages associated with using checks as your primary deposit method. Some of the most notable include the following:

  • It takes a few days for checks to be processed, which means that it will take a few days before you can actually begin gambling. The same goes for withdrawals, except it usually takes even more time than a deposit.
  • There are charges associated with using check as your withdrawal option. This could be anything between $20 and $50, depending on the site. Another factor influencing charges is whether you select the courier option.

Sports Betting Sites That Accept Checks

check online betting sites

Check Gambling – FAQs

Do casinos write checks?

Yes, some casinos and sportsbooks do write checks. However, we wouldn’t recommend this payment method. If there is another option available, choose that one.

Do casinos accept cashiers’ checks?

Some casinos do but it is not common practice, even online. This method takes a while to process so you’re not going to be able to place immediate wagers if you choose to use it.

How does it compare to the other similar options?

Well, quite honestly, we wouldn’t recommend it. This banking method takes a long time to process, which means it will take a while for you to get your bankroll to game. Also, should you win any money, and request to receive your winnings through check, it will take some time for you to get it.

In this day and age where everybody wants everything done immediately, this is not a viable banking option.

Is depositing to a gambling account using check safe?

Yes, it is. In fact, it is one of the safest possible banking methods because you do not have to share your banking details with anybody. That said, if somebody intercepts the check, you could lose the cash you meant to deposit into your account to a fraudster.

What types of checks can you use at gambling sites?

Most casino and sportsbooks that accept checks take the following:

  1. Cashier checks
  2. eChecks
  3. Courier checks

What payment options should I use instead of checks?

Well, we say stick to making use of credit cards, cryptocurrencies and e-wallets. They all allow for instant deposits. Cryptocurrencies and e-wallets allow for instant withdrawals too (following the processing period though).

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